Home Schooling

I was home schooled my entire life, graduating last year, and I am a strong advocate for home schooling. Home schooling was one of the most important decision my family made for me in my educational, personal, and spiritual development. It is an experience I would not trade for anything. I am very passionate about encouraging other Christians to explore home schooling, and it is a topic I write about regularly. I believe firmly in the importance of all education coming under the Lordship of Christ, and as a result, home schooling is a brilliant and important way that the faith is passed to the next generation, and a child can be trained for whole discipleship to Christ. I am excited about my home schooled peers and the service to God they are called to in these grave times. Since I am an example of a home school graduate, if anything I have written has made you interested to learn more about home schooling, I would encourage you to look into it more. There are many myths surrounding how home schooling works, which make people apprehensive about it to my sadness and frustration. These websites can help you learn more: http://www.hslda.org http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/ http://www.homeschool.com/ My favorite home school curriculum: http://www.sonlight.com/ Also, I would encourage you to read “The Messianic Character of American Education” by RJ Rushdoony, a book that helped inspire the American home school movement. Also, “Foundations of Christian Scholarship,” edited by Gary North and “Inside American Education” by Thomas Sowell could both prove beneficial.


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