Armed well

Send me not naked into this battle, o Father. Am I not thy son, and art thou not my Father? Dress me in Thy royal robes, and put upon me your own armour. I know, and Thou knowest yet more fully, that I am witless and nothing. Thy enemies pursue me where ever thou has sent me. Do not let me fall to their wicked schemes. For the sake of thy name, O Father, arm me for this fight. Your glory fills the halls where you reign, and Thy name shall be known in all the land. I will bear Thy crest, and carry Thy banner. As shields crash and crumble, and the wicked tremble at Your might seen through me, the loudest sound that is never heard, the sound of the heavens announcing Thy coming shall resound. Magi, sorcerers, and dreamers alike pause in holy wonder. The day has come! Lift up your head, O you weak and darkly troubled. Incline your heart and your ears for the King is coming! No more shall hell’s raucous tyranny peel away thy very skin and bones. No more shall the dead be dancing with the dead, or the dust whirl with the dust.  The burning, cracking, bursting light of morning, a mysterious and holy morning, slips quietly and politely into the expanses. Every blade of grass, every flower, and every heart reaches for its luminescence. The last fading star inclines the poet to put down his quill, and with a resolute sigh, “Behold the world swaying her orbed mass, lands and spaces of sea and depth of sky; behold how all things rejoice in the age to come. Ah may the latter end of a long life then yet be mine, and such breath as shall suffice to tell thy deeds! O dear offspring of gods, mighty germ of Jove!”

Arm me, O my Father. The day is hastening, and the burning fires of the enemy’s approach burns hot down my very neck. The walls are crumbling down, my hand shakes, and my heart wavers. I have resolved not to surrender, only come, come quickly!


~ by thelastinkling on July 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “Armed well”

  1. Is this your own writing or is it from Scripture? It sounds like Scripture….anyway, this might have just made my day. 🙂

  2. thats a beautiful prayer. it reminds me of psalm 91, one of my favorite psalms.

  3. “I have resolved not to surrender, only come, come quickly!”

    It was good. Hahaha and, dare I say it, theologically sound.

    Good job, S. Kyle.

    Go with God.

  4. Rachael, it’s my own writing except for the part in quotations, which is by Virgil (Roman poet from the time of Augustus), from his 4th Eclogue. He was most likely writing about Caesar Augustus, but early Christians thought it was an ‘accidental’ prophecy for Christ.

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