C.S. Lewis “Great Books” College in the Works

The learned life is then, for some, a duty.” -C.S. Lewis


C.S. Lewis College

As part of its long-range vision, the Foundation looks forward to founding a fully accredited, four-year “Great Books” college with a School of the Visual and Performing Arts.

The College will be rooted in the historic Christian faith and so structured as to ensure its fidelity to that profession. It will be characterized by a firm commitment to “Mere Christianity,” and therefore be inclusive of Christians of all traditions. In the spirit of C.S. Lewis, the envisioned college will actively encourage opportunities to discover the vitality and profound relevance of the Christian faith as it is lived openly within the larger pluralistic setting of mainstream colleges and universities.

C.S. Lewis College is about to become, at long last, the focal point of the Foundation’s efforts, with the objective of confirming its exact location within the next three years. The four areas currently under consideration include sites close to Princeton, Duke/UNC, Amherst, Massachusetts and Claremont, California.

The Foundation is prayerfully seeking benefactors of vision who might wish to enable the founding of C. S. Lewis College.


~ by thelastinkling on July 15, 2009.

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