The Sanford, Palin Theory

It struck me as a strange coincidence that two prominent Republican, perceived as conservative, governors have seen major career-altering circumstances in a relative short amount of time. First, Mark Sanford of South Carolina owns up to his mysterious disappearance and his affair, then Sarah Palin of Alaska steps down as governor without any explanation. Both of these incidents are strange, unexpected, and in many ways bizarre. But what makes both situations odd is how close together they happened.

There has been speculation that Palin’s resignation is a precursor to a more serious and focused bid for president in 2012. It’s still an odd, and seemingly unprofessional move. I’m not convinced that that’s the case, and think that personal issues is more likely. If my family had to take regular, obscene, abuse from immature late night talk show hosts and other expert political commentators, I would strongly consider stepping out from the lime light and without shame.  But if this is about 2012, perhaps its timing in light of Mark Sanford’s scandal is telling. Is it possible that with Mark Sanford’s political implosion, she sees this as providing an open field to take a serious, full-force, preparation for a serious campaign? With Sanford ‘out of the way’, is Palin making her move and deciding that the odds are enough in her favor now to make the presidential gamble?

A bit of evidence against the idea that her stepping down is merely caused by all the horrible abuse she has faced, is the strong force she has taken against the allegations that her resignation is over ethics issues. She has threatened legal action for the acts of defamation made against her. You can read the release, here.

I’m not sure what I think of the idea of Sarah Palin running for president. I’m not convinced of her abilities, experience, or of her sincerity as a real conservative. It takes a lot for me to be convinced of any politicians’ sincerity these days, especially after Bush ran on a very-conservative, almost libertarian, platform but turned out to be an FDR or LBJ like progressive with some conservative edges. Obama’s many broken promises, just after 6-months in office, are more than a bit disconcerting. And anyone who runs with John McCain needs to go the extra mile to prove themselves to me anyway. But, I am very impressed with her boldness and courage in defending her family against horrible ridicule, and standing up for unfair, ungrounded, allegations.

Well, time will tell.


~ by thelastinkling on July 6, 2009.

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